Frequently Asked Questions

How many cookies come in one bag?

Approximately 30 – 36 cookies come in a 700g bag.

Do I have to bake all the cookies once opened?

The bags are resealable which means you can bake them in small quantities if you’d like. But, our cookies are so delicious, you’ll end up making more.

Do I need to allow the cookies to defrost before baking it?

No, You can place the frozen products straight into your oven tray.

How long does it take to bake?

– 10-12mins (soft and chewy)
– 12-15 mins (crispy and dippable)

Are all of Carrington Cookies Halaal?

Yes, All of Carrington Cookies are 100% Halaal.

Is it vegetarian friendly?

Yes, It is vegetarian friendly.

Where do I buy it from?

You can purchase a bag of our Ready to bake cookie dough from one of our stockists. Visit our “Stockists” page or click here.